2023 > Selina Naouma - In Between Fragments

Annihilation of the self
wasteland of broken dreams
It’s easier to disappear
than to fight patriarchy alone
In between familiarity and ostranenie
just lies absurdity
such inability to see.

Selina creates images of encounters
in different places, entanglement,
femininity, the familiar and the other,
trying to visually understand difficult
relationships with herself and with
the women around her, who have all
been moulded by society into the
representation of a certain figure or

Her writings and photographs explore
the relationship between the body and
its representation through processes
of objectification, fragmentation,
magnification and accumulation by
involving philosophical scientific and
socio-political aspects of quantum
physics, intra-action, fragmentation,
alienation, xenophobia, touch and
void, separation, unity and everything
in between.

By relating these abstract concepts and
trying to understand them through
each other, she contextualises her
personal experiences and builds
allegorical bridges between nature and
human structures.

Skin and stone, Sweat and Salt.

Everything in this universe is made of
the same.
Different structures, molecular
constellations, and speed of
vibration but in its basis, it is all atoms
and at its core, energy.

Yet, they watch us twirl
between disapproval and admiration
woman to figure to object and back
Full circle fantasy
Abstraction of a Person, make Other
Dismantle the body and estrange its

The images Selina creates are built
on the fabrication of unities and
multiplicities to lead the viewer
to think about the way they are
connected. Each image is a fragment in
its own totality, but in relation to the

The images challenge the perceptions
and ways of thinking that we have
learned to accept in our daily lives. It
is a call to rethink the structures of the
fixed system on which we have built
our society.

This work is constantly in the making.
Its meaning is revealed more and more
as the connections become clearer.
They are infinite and constantly

Like Glitter raining down on us,
reflecting lasers light
into million little facets,
Like drops of rain
Molecules of
The same matter we are made of
Me and you where one once

In Between Fragments