2023 > Selina Naouma - In Between Fragments

Selina Naouma, born in Berlin in 1995, is a greek-austrian, multidisciplinary, feminist artist. She plays and experiments with ideas of entanglement of the universe, the embodiment of identity, and intra-action with the Intimate and the Other.

Her work varies from photography to animation, moving image to sculpture. Somewhere between attraction and disgust, birth and decay, reality and fantasy, she creates colourfully sinister imaginings that question existing power structures and belief systems in contemporary society.

Selina first studied architecture at the Technical University of Berlin and obtained a BA in visual communication at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, Berlin. Currently living in London, she recently completed an MA in photography at the Royal College of Art. And now continues to explore her passion for form, texture, colour, matter and meaning.

Her work has appeared in publications such as Mission Statement Magazine as well as in the exhibitions 'HAUTE Photographie', (Museum Square, Amsterdam, NL), ’Monster in You' (Goethe Institute, Hanoi, VT), 'The Body: Figure and Flesh' (FLOOR Gallery, Seoul, KOR), 'The Unseen' by Rankin Creative (Quantus Gallery, London, UK), 'After The Waiting Room' (Copeland Gallery, London, UK),