2023 > Lindsay Bottos - Incidental

"Incidental" is an ongoing series that originated in 2012 as a curated collection of unintended yet evocative outcomes derived from shooting and processing 35mm film. Archivism is integral to my practice and artistic approach, serving as the catalyst for the inception of this visual anthology. These unaltered and serendipitous photographs encompass a diverse array of methodologies, including the utilization of long-expired film, the accidental introduction of moisture and environmental elements onto film prior to processing, variations in film chemistry during the development process, as well as light leaks stemming from malfunctioning cameras, improper film handling, and even the inclusion of end frames traditionally omitted from scanning. The trajectory of this project is indefinite, as I aspire to continue it throughout the course of my lifetime.

Lindsay Bottos (b.1992) is a Baltimore- based multidisciplinary artist working mostly in photography, video, and poetry. Known for her dreamy, nostalgic aesthetic and work about new media and the internet, Lindsay works as a fine artist, freelance photographer, prop stylist, and creative director on photo and video sets. Their work often explores themes related to identity, body image, and the representation of women in media and popular culture. In 2014, Bottos gained widespread attention for her project "Anonymous," in which she posted unsolicited comments and messages that she had received online on self-portraits of herself. This project sparked a conversation about online harassment and the objectification of women online. Personal experience is the driving force behind their fine art work; especially interpersonal relationships and the ways that experiences are affected by the current digital and social media age. In addition to a variety of publications including Glamour and Seventeen, Lindsay’s work has also been in galleries internationally, as well as features in various news sources, including Good Morning America, Huffington Post, and the Baltimore Sun.