Artist > A.J. Springer

“My work seeks to dissect the emotional connotations the mind projects onto the human form. I focus on themes such as duality in nature, sexuality, violence, and primordial tendencies through a fragmentation and distortion of the figure. Pulling from psychological tendencies the viewer is pushed into a self reflective dialogue that forces an awareness of the body and our ever-changing relationship with it. The images in my work are first drawn with washes of ink on Mylar, then made into solar plates which are printed in various versions onto different paper. This process allows me to take pieces and compose them together, utilizing the transparent qualities of rice paper to build layers that can be seen through one another as collage. This creates a narrative from image to image where the forms are submerged in their environment and engage with one another. The interactions made by the figures serve as a symbol for the struggle we all experience with not only others but also with ourselves. By challenging the viewer to process and internalize these impassioned moments unfolding in the deep, I hope to instill a more shared understanding of the multitudes that exist within all of us, allowing us to reevaluate our role in the human condition."

A.J. Springer (b.1993, New York) is a multi-media artist who combines printmaking, drawing, collage, painting, and printmaking to create immersive complex collages. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally in exhibitions and fairs such as Galeria Taller La Maquina, Oaxaca, Mexico (2023), The Other Art Fair, NY (2021-2023) Miami Art Basel (2019, 2018, 2017, 2014), Monmouth Museum, NJ (2018), 21 Gallery in Cologne, Germany (2017), Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea (2017) and ICPNA Cultural Museum in Lima, Peru (2016). She currently resides and continues her practice as an artist in Brooklyn, NY.