2023 > Amrta - Refuge

Gold. In Japanese culture gold is poured in the cracks of broken
pottery “golden joinery,” Kintsugi, or Kintsukuroi, is the centuries-old
Japanese art of fixing broken pottery. The idea is that when the items
become broken and the gold is poured in, the item becomes more
beautiful. We are the same. Through our suffering, we pour
metaphorical gold into the broken parts of ourselves each time we
rise up from our suffering. Therefore, fortifying ourselves more and
more. Amrta wants to paint everything gold as a reminder that the
gold is what we have been all along. Perfect gold. Never broken, but
forever breaking to get back to our purest and most perfect state.
Amrta carves into these pieces modern statements to keep them
light, but also to merge the ancient with the current, the highbrow
with the lowbrow.