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Cyanotype photography has a very deep place in my life. I believe that the reason for such a place is that it remains indelible in our memories. Even if a person is not alive, the photos he takes always remain in this life. Even if no one pays attention to them, there are always photos.
I can live in my own world with cyanotype photos. It reminds me of any of my dreams with silhouettes, perhaps my fantasy world. I enjoy sharing this world with people from different parts of the world that I don't know anymore. The main thing for me is to look at any photo and think for a few minutes.
The series I want to present is the Cyanotype series. For me, antiquity is the depiction of different colors and emotions. The reason I used this method was my search. I am very happy to spend my time on one photo and the photo is engraved directly on the paper in front of my eyes. The small house laboratory I have already built is a garden of my world of photography. This garden takes me to the past, to a great distance. I always research the lives and photos of classic photographers. I understand that each is very different. They have their own photos. I think this is the main condition - we must attribute our thoughts and feelings to photos. Probably for these reasons I do not like the new technology. Comfortable and accessible photos are far from me ...