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Observing human behavior is a free activity that can be done anywhere at anytime. I often catch myself being affected by moments I see in the lives that pass me by and it leads me to play out a story in my mind. These fleeting moments inspired me to photograph what I see. Not only in the fast paced world but also with sessions in the quiet calm of the water. I’m driven by a passion to express these messages of life whether mundane or fantastic through my images. I utilize black and white in my photography to navigate the viewer through distraction to bring them to the image’s inner significance. I look to move my photographic imagery into an art form of suspended reality.

A Human Conscious Experience on the Space-Time Continuum

Our human conscious experience is essentially an orientation in space and time. Underwater photography offers a bit of surrealism as well as fantasy to bring the viewer into the reality that is our physical universe. A Human Conscious Experience on the Space-Time Continuum is a collection of human emotion captured using ambient light, air, and the fantastical underwater environment. The subject is void of expression to draw the viewer to observe the suspension of motion. The viewer can then conceptualize the physical energy of the human experience in space and time.