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What does your work aim to say? 
In my work I try to show woman`s soul. My photos are always some kind of combination between my own personal world and inner world of a model.
Who are your biggest influence?
It`s hard to answer this question for me, because I don`t think that my biggest influence is some portrait photographer, it`s mostly music, nature and definitely some personal experiences which I then projected onto my photos.

What challenges you face trying to bring your work to new audience?
In our modern world it`s not easy to be seen. I know a lot of talented asrtists who are underestimated by the audience. But I think one life hack always works good - just do your best, be demanding on yourself, always put something of yourself in your art, don`t make "empty" art.

Which current art world trends are you following?
There is one trend I like the most: it`s naturality. I don`t like over-retouched skin, I don`t understand this kind of pictures and I`m so glad that more and more photographers now are returning to no retouch technics and also returning to film cameras. I think people are starting to realize that naturality is the new sexy. 

Who was your inspiration to get you started?
In the beginning I was shooting a lot of flowers, butterflies and waterdrops as a lot of amateurs before and after me. These were my friends who inspired me to try shooting people and they are still my biggest support. 

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Irina Bunyatyan ,  also known as Irina Orwald (my pseudonym). I`m a fashion and art photographer from Moscow, Russia. Also I`m a professional pianist graduated from the Moscow Conservatory

What themes do you pursue?
All I create is about people, with their uniqueness, beauty and imperfections, showing them in the moments of calmness and peace. I like to refer to the past, combining different codes of past age.

Name three artist you'd like to be compare to?
I don`t want to be compared with somebody, I prefer to think we all are unique and have our own style. But I can name 3 artists I trully admire: Paolo Roversi, Peter Lindbergh, Sheila Metzner. There are a lot of more, of course.

Whats your favorite art work?
I can`t choose and pick up just one from the world`s art treasures so I don`t know how to answer this tricky question, sorry!

Which film camera do you use and whats your favorite film to use?
Most often I use my canon eos 500. My fav films depend on what I want to shoot, but mostly they are kodak portra 400 and fuji extra 400

Irina Bunyatyan
October 2019

Instagram: irinaorwald