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I was recently offered the opportunity to shoot a roll of Cinestill 50D for Colonial Photo and give my thoughts on it. If you’re familiar with Cinestill 800, you know its great color palette and push/pull capabilities so being that I’ve never shot with Cinestill 50D I was pretty excited to see what it could do.

Cinestill 50D is a 50 ISO film so obviously lots of light or a tripod is needed, especially when shooting handheld with a somewhat heavy Bronica ETRS like I did. That being said, I started a photo walk around my neighborhood around 3 to give me enough daylight for 15 shots. Though shooting with a low ISO film like this can seem a bit difficult at times, it was actually nice to “chase the light” and look at compositions in a more cinematic way. On the other hand, shooting everything handheld as the sun began to fall behind the buildings made shooting at f/4 a challenge since the correct exposure was at 2 seconds. A ledge helped fix that issue on a couple of shots as well as pushing the film one stop to 100 ISO(which the film handled nicely).
Once finishing the roll and getting it developed by Colonial Photo, it was time to get to down to the real nitty gritty. The Pros and Cons with samples…


• Can be pushed one stop and processed normal Good shadow detail

• Although the film is a little flat, the colors are good and can be edited quite easily

• 50 ISO means very clean images

• Good shadow detail


• Flat colors, but can be edited

• 50 ISO can be a bit slow for most users

• Hints of halation in overly bright scenes

CineStill 50 Daylight

Review by James Hand

Instagram: jhandphotography